Phillip Island Health

The weather has just been glorious the last few days; it’s so nice to enjoy a walk on the beach or to look for whales from our many vantage points around the island. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

At Phillip Island Health we have been seeing patients for nearly two months now and our bookings are increasing every week. Mel is now available from 7.00 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for pathology collection and health checks or early morning appointments if needed. Carol is busy seeing people with a wide range of problems and has been doing laser acupuncture with many patients getting good results for their aches and pains.

We will be extending our hours in the next few weeks so stay tuned for details. We will also start providing house calls. These will be bulk billed for pensioners and health care card holders but there will be a private fee for everyone else which will incur a $30 out of pocket charge. Clinic and tele-health consultations continue to be bulk billed for everyone.

We do need to remain very aware of the potential for transmission of COVID 19 so we are still asking all patients with any symptoms that might be COVID to go for testing at the Hub. Please ring us for advice if needed but don’t come to the clinic if you’ve got fever, cough or other cold symptoms. We can still do bulk billed tele-health consultations which can be booked through our booking system – Hotdoc.

Our general approach at Phillip Island Health is to treat the whole person and we like to have enough time to understand your issues. That’s why our initial appointments are generally 45 minutes, which gives us time to get to know you and begin to address your problems. We are both interested in preventative strategies and lifestyle change to address chronic health issues rather then just prescribing medications. Carol has a special interest in herbal therapies and can prescribe supplements if needed.

Check out our website or our Facebook page – Phillip Island Health. Bookings can be made at both these places and also through the Hotdoc app.

Published by drcarolhead

Dr. Carol Head is an General Practitioner with over 30 years experience in General Practice and Aboriginal health services. She has a keen interest in holistic medicine and combines her medical knowledge with her passion for writing. She is particularly interested in the body's ability to heal itself and has published two books: "Holistic Medicine" and "Tools for Transformation".

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