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Here at Phillip island Health we are very busy. So busy that Dr Carol is no longer taking new patients. Mel is working Monday, Wednesday and Friday and still has some spots for new patients which can be booked online. Dr Carol is working Tuesday and Thursday and her current patients can continue to book online. If you have trouble getting an appointment online, please ring whoever is on for the day and we can try to help you out. Carol’s number (Tues and Thurs) is 0478 483 389 and Mel’s number (Mon, Wed and Friday) is 0411 546 021. For all emergencies and urgent care please go to the Hub in Cowes.

Carol has been working on an online course – How to reduce your stress in 4 weeks. Are you overwhelmed with life and its busyness but don’t know how to stop? Are you stressed out most of the time? Do you want to lead a more peaceful existence in touch with what really matters? Then this four week course will help you reduce your stress and live a more relaxed life. You will also find out more about yourself and what really matters to you. The course will be available in December 2020.

Carol is also working on her new book which is about healing from a holistic perspective. Her previous books – Holistic medicine – beyond the physical and Tools for Transformation are available in the clinic for $25 and $15 respectively.

Mel has been busy studying. She has finished Women’s Health training through Family Planning Victoria, which includes pap smear training (now called Cervical screening testing). This service is now offered at the clinic with Mel. She is also undertaking training in cosmetic injectables which she will offer privately from December 2020. More details on cosmetic injections and the associated costs will be in our next blog. 

Just some advance warning, our little clinic will be moving from its current location at Phillip Island Sport and Rehab, to our own, small, purpose built clinic. We finish at Phillip Island Sport and Rehab on the 24 December and we will open at our new clinic on the 4 January. More details to follow soon.

Published by drcarolhead

Dr. Carol Head is an General Practitioner with over 30 years experience in General Practice and Aboriginal health services. She has a keen interest in holistic medicine and combines her medical knowledge with her passion for writing. She is particularly interested in the body's ability to heal itself and has published two books: "Holistic Medicine" and "Tools for Transformation".

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