Stage 3 lockdown

This week sees a tightening of restrictions in regional Victoria and therefore some changes to the way we are delivering health care at Phillip Island Health. We will still be open to see patients face to face if needed but prefer to see patients via telehealth whenever possible. We can once again see new patientsContinue reading “Stage 3 lockdown”

Meet Carol Head

Hi. I’m Carol. I’ve lived on Phillip Island for about five years but have come here for holidays for as long as I can remember. For a many years we had a holiday house at Summerland Estate until the Government bought it back in 2010. That was such a rare and wonderful place to spendContinue reading “Meet Carol Head”

Meet Melanie Rose

Hi, I’m Mel. I originally emigrated from South Africa with my family 25 years ago. I started working in hospital wards from the age of 18. So, I have been working in the industry on and off over the last 30 years. Phillip Island has been my home this last decade. I have three childrenContinue reading “Meet Melanie Rose”

Our New Practice

Mel Rose (nurse practitioner) and Dr Carol Head (general practitioner) are pleased to announce that they are joining forces to fill the gap in health care on Phillip Island.  Our practice, Phillip Island Health, will be located at Phillip Island Sport and Rehab at 207 Settlement road, Cowes and will provide holistic health care. WeContinue reading “Our New Practice”

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