Free online course – reduce your stress

My online course – How to reduce your stress in 4 weeks – is now available on Udemy. For three days it is free to enrol The course is for anyone who is experiencing stress – which is most of us – and as it’s free you may as well take a look and seeContinue reading “Free online course – reduce your stress”

Stressed out?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with the busyness of your life? Are you suffering the effects of chronic stress – fatigue, brain fog, anxiety symptoms? Do you want to change your life for the better? I have recently developed an online course to help people deal with stress. This course will show you how toContinue reading “Stressed out?”

Stress and the Autonomic nervous system part 2

Last week I wrote about how to dial down the sympathetic part of our autonomic nervous system (ANS) to help with stress. This week I want to write about activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This is relatively easy but unless we have decreased the sympathetic drive it is often like putting a band aidContinue reading “Stress and the Autonomic nervous system part 2”

Stress and the Autonomic nervous system

This week’s blog is about stress and the autonomic nervous system and is based upon part of the book I am currently writing – How to Heal. We are all hardwired with a two-part autonomic nervous system. Autonomic means that part of the nervous system that is not consciously directed and that is responsible for bodilyContinue reading “Stress and the Autonomic nervous system”

Mental health is important

This week I thought I’d write about mental health as many people have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. Many of us are feeling flat and lacking motivation and some people who already have depression or anxiety are experiencing worsening of their symptoms. This is not surprising as we are all under increased stress withContinue reading “Mental health is important”