Free online course – reduce your stress

My online course – How to reduce your stress in 4 weeks – is now available on Udemy. For three days it is free to enrol The course is for anyone who is experiencing stress – which is most of us – and as it’s free you may as well take a look and seeContinue reading “Free online course – reduce your stress”

Introducing Mandy Hale, Reiki Master

Mel and Carol welcome Mandy Hale of Inhale Exhale Reiki to the team at Phillip Island Health adding to the Holistic approach of your healthcare needs. Mandy will join us from February and will be available on Wednesdays. Mandy is a Reiki Master/teacher attuned to the traditional Usui Reiki methods and teachings. Using hands on healing alongContinue reading “Introducing Mandy Hale, Reiki Master”

Mel’s Wellness Program

As I sit here trying to write this week’s blog (apparently it’s my turn) I wonder how a person who dislikes writing is partnered with someone who loves writing and who thought creating a weekly blog was a good idea! I find writing difficult and am usually better at explaining things in person but IContinue reading “Mel’s Wellness Program”